Phantom Spirit on Video

A phantom spirit , apparently moving at superhuman speed, snatches a little girl just in time before she gets hit by a vehicle and then immediately disappears into the dark of night. In the video, a girl is saved by a man. The man comes from nowhere and saves the girl in the nano-second and then disappeared. In the video, a girl can be seen looking to cross a busy road while two cars come in high speed.


A video is still circulating online that appears to show a little girl’s life being saved by what she believes to be the ghost of her deceased father. The footage was captured on CCTV June 18, 2017 just before midnight and shows the young girl wandering into the road, right in the path of oncoming cars. You can see one car swerve to miss her, which should have woken her out of her daze, but she keeps walking, almost as though she’s trying to get hit. Before the second car reaches her the apparition of a man zooms across the road in a flash and pulls the girl to safety.

People have theories – some saying that this was the ghost of the girl’s father, and others taking it a step further with the theory that the comic book character the Flash saved her that night. CCTV Footage Of Paranormal Activity? Or a Fake Video ? Please let us know your comments.

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