‘Spooky’ moving curtain goes viral on TikTok

This woman’s “fight-or-flight” response didn’t take long to kick in. It was the TikTok ghost she was fighting against. A TikTok user who goes by the name Anna Banana posted a video earlier this week that appeared to show someone — or something — moving a curtain in front of an open sliding glass door behind her.

The video begins with the woman sitting in front of the camera, holding up a lime-flavored White Claw. She starts to say: “So for today’s drink,” but before she finishes her thought, she sees the curtain moving behind her.

Her face immediately becomes serious and she can be seen putting the can of White Claw down as she turns to face the open door.



Ummmmm ok… #spooky but what was that ?

♬ Scary – Background Sounds

Without hesitating, the woman runs toward the door and jumps through the curtain with a punch, landing outside the door. She can be seen looking around before she steps back inside and locks the door.

Since it was posted on Monday, the video — which was captioned “Ummmmm ok… #spooky but what was that ?” — has gone viral.

It has been viewed more than 7.1 million times and has more than 991,600 likes and 21,900 comments. Many commenters praised the woman’s fast reaction to “fight off” the “ghost.”

“If you ever see her in the forest fighting a grizzly bear… help the bear,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Did she just try to beat up a ghost??? Can we be friends???”

“OK, but can you be my body guard because your FIGHT OR FLIGHT IS ON POINT,” someone else wrote. “SHE AIN’T SCARED OF NO GHOST.”

However, other commenters noted that they actually saw a person move out of the way before she came through the door. “There’s no ghost,” someone commented. “You can see a shadow of a person crawling away before she jumps kicks [sic].”

Another person said: “I saw the person crawl out of sight to the right and then she looks down at then [sic] before closing the door.”

Source: Fox News

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