‘Ghost of figure standing on staircase’ caught on camera at 16th Century Tudor mansion – Unexplained Mysteries

Source: http://www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/lifestyle/eerie-video-captured-during-investigation-7525239

This is the eerie footage which apparently captures the ghost of a 16th Century Tudor mansion. A group investigating paranormal activity took the video which appears to show the image of a person standing on a staircase at Stanley Palace in Chester.

Sefton Paranormal Investigations describe the figure as a solid person with a visible nose, mouth and hair, which looks first at the camera and then up the stairs.Co-founder Aaron Robinette is seen in the video with team member Joanne May at a location they identified as a hotspot. Aaron, from Southport, Merseyside. told the Chester Chronicle: “We were informed by the curator that there was a staircase with a door underneath it, where a man died.

“In the video, I’m sat on a chair and Joe is sat on the staircase, and we’re calling out to spirits.

“Nothing happened, but it was only when watching the video back that I saw it. It appears and disappears in shot, all in front of the camera.


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