UFO Spotted near Stonehenge

Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that huge slabs of rocks including Stonehenge might have been created by advanced aliens from deep space. According to these conspiracy theorists, ancient human beings who were not advanced did not have the capability to create these structures, and they believe that the only convincing theory to explain the formation of these giant rocks is nothing but an alien engineering marvel by extraterrestrials.

The Mysterious UFO That Flew Near Stonehenge

And now, a mysterious video that shows a UFO flying towards Stonehenge has gone viral on the internet. The video was apparently shot by Tash Minto and her partner Tony Waterhouse were driving on the A303 just outside Mere, Wiltshire on October 31, 2020.

The UFO was a flat circular disc of white light, and Tash soon took out her phone and filmed the creepy sighting. The eyewitness duo also revealed that the mysterious flying object was hovering towards the direction of Stonehenge.

Tash revealed that the unknown flying object just disappeared from their eyesight without any traces of its presence.

“I’m a big fan of nature and this didn’t seem to come from anything like the sun or the moon, it felt like it was coming from something artificial. Tony said it was definitely little green men. Personally, I think, if they are out there, they won’t be very little. I think they’ll be giants,” said Tash, Daily Star reports.

As the video captured by the couple went viral online, several conspiracy theorists strongly claim that this sighting is proof of alien existence on planet earth.

Mysteries Surrounding Monolith

In the meantime, the news regarding the discovery of a mysterious monolith in the Utah desert has pulled conspiracy theorists to a state of ecstasy. The monolith seems like a steel structure, but authorities are still unclear about who placed this monolith in such a remote area.

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