Shocking video of ‘ghost’ attacking guard

A Colombian mayor baffled his social media followers after sharing a video of an alleged ghost attacking one of his security guards.

“I want to share this video with you today, emphasizing that, as mayor, I have the conviction that faith has insurmountable power,” wrote Jose Manuel Rios Morales, mayor of Armenia, above an Aug. 3 Facebook video of the supposed phantom beatdown. The official claimed that that the spectral assault took place in his offices while guards were conducting their nightly patrols, Newsflash reported.

In the grainy, minute-long clip, the hapless officer can be seen strolling down the hallway before veering violently into a wall, as if flung by a supernatural entity.

The spooky footage concludes with two of the prone man’s fellow watchmen rushing to his aid.

However, the public need not fret that the halls of government are potentially haunted: Mayor Morales assured us that he has enlisted a special team of religious ghostbusters to help exorcise the phantom menace.

“I want to give everyone a little peace of mind and let them know that, in the company of the Bishop and other religious leaders, we will bring God’s blessing to every corner of this workplace,” claimed the government leader. “We ask for respect and a union in prayer, and we assure you that nothing can steal our peace and tranquillity because we are protected by the hand of our Lord.”

Source: NYPOST

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