DEAD RINGERS – Ghost Phone Calls From The Dead

Dead Ringers – September 12th 2008 4:23pm. A Metrolink commuter train with 225 aboard slams into Union Pacific freight train on winding route in Chatsworth. It left 24 people dead and almost 150 injured.

On of those who died in that horrible accident was Charles Peck.Medical examination of his body showed that he had died quickly after the collision, almost instantaneously.
But for hours after his death, his family received a total of 35 calls from his cell phone. At 9:08PM nearly five hours after the crash, Peck’s fiancé Andrea Katz received one of those calls. But when she answered, all she heard was static. Despite hearing nothing from the other side she told him to hang on and that help was on the way.

Whenever they tried to call him back all the calls were routed to the voicemail.

When the rescue efforts stopped at the scene and the rescue workers turned to the grim task of recovery another call came from his phone and the search crews decided to trace it. They found it had come from the first train, so they went back to scour the rubble in hopes of finding him alive. The last phone call came from Charles Peck’s phone at 3:28AM, almost an hour before they found his lifeless body.

This is a phenomenon in which people literally receive phone calls from the dead. The deceased caller usually had a closed relationship with the recipient. In such calls, the telephone usually rings normally, but may sound flat and abnormal. Usually the connection is bad and the voice of the deceased fades. The voice is recognizable, however, and usually speaks familiar or pet names and words. The phone call is terminated abruptly, either by the caller or by the line going dead. If the voice is too faint, the recipient may hang up in frustration.

If the recipient knows the caller id deceased, he or she may enter a state of shock and hang up immediately. If the recipient does not know that the caller is dead, he or she may talk as long as thirty minutes. Usually such calls occur within twenty-for hours after the caller’s death, although, some calls have been reported as long as two years from the time of death.

Generally the purpose of such mysterious calls seems to be to leave a farewell message, or a warning of an impending danger, or information needed by the living. Actress Ida Lupino received a phone call from her father six months after his death; he told her the whereabouts of some papers to settle his estate.

Phone calls from the dead.

Sometimes like in the case of Peck, the family receives a phone call from the phone of the deceased. It could come from a cell or a landline in the deceased’s uninhabited home. Other times just before the terminally ill patient dies they receive a phone call from a long departed loved one. In many instances the numbers had even been disconnected. But they still appeared on caller id. Every time the living picks up the phone all they hear on the other end is static. There have been instances of those who receive the calls recording them only to find voices in the recording that were not perceptible to the human ear at the time.

Dead Ringer

Here are two of the tales

Mark Prebost had lived a good long life and had outlives most of his family and friends. Tragically he had outlived many of his children as well in reaching the ripe old age of 93. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer he took it with a grain of salt. He would often say he lived longer than he would ever have thought, but still he would miss his family. He especially loved the parties.

The disease ravaged the elderly man and the pain was severe and constant. His elderly daughter and her children took care of him in his home, rotating the times they stayed with him until the cancer that had spread through his body finally took his life one cold October day. The daughter was relieved since her elderly father had gone through so much pain in the last few months, and even though she did not believe in an afterlife she comforted herself with the fact he was no longer suffering.

His funeral was sparse since he had few friends and relatives left alive. And after the funeral those who did attend went to the daughter’s house for a memorial service and dinner. As the night wore on they kept getting phone calls with dead air. Finally the daughter noticed the caller ID. The calls were coming from her father’s house. There was no one there, she had the keys. They received a few more calls during the evening and she let the answering machine pick them up.

The next day out of curiosity she reviewed the final two phone calls that the machine had recorded. She heard on the tape the faint voice of her father saying, “It’s ok Margie, I’m ok” and “Your Momma is with me, all is good”. Like so many EVPs the speech is faint and hard to hear. But Marge was sure of what she heard. Her father was saying goodbye and letting her know that he still existed in some form. A form that was safe, happy and with the wife that he had loved and lost so many years ago.

It did not look good for Lisa. The teenager had gone through years of treatment but the anguish of the chemotherapy seemed to be all for naught. The leukemia had finally overwhelmed her body and she was in the last days of her short young life. Her father sat in vigil beside her, holding her hand and wiping her brow as she sweat while the final battle raged within her fragile body. Her mother had passed a few years earlier in a horrific car crash. In those last days her father sat by powerless as Lisa cried out for her mother. He tried to comfort her but it seemed that his presence, even though ever caring, was not enough.

As the father sat with her on her last night with a nurse by her side the phone rang. He left Lisa a lone with the nurse for a few moments to answer it, but on the other side there was a large amount of static. He thought for a second that through the static he had heard a woman’s voice say something but it was indiscernible. After he turned the phone off he checked the caller ID to see who it was that had called. The answer stopped him in his tracks.

The phone number was that of his house five years ago. The number had long been disconnected, right after the death of his wife. He tried to call back but got the familiar robotic woman’s voice advising him that the number was indeed no longer in service. Immediately he was called back into the room by the nurse. His daughter was passing. She died within a few minutes of the mysterious phone call. A phone call that he still believes was made by his long deceased wife. And upon reflection he is sure the faint words he had heard through the static had said, “She will be safe with me”.

Unmistakable Mother’s Voice

Three years ago, my mother passed away. We were very close and I miss her daily. Last Christmas evening, I went to bed and woke up to the phone ringing. I answered it and a voice that was very familiar to me said, “Hello there.” It was my mother’s voice. The line had a static noise and the sound cut in and out. I said, “This can’t be you, mom. You’re dead.” She said, “Oh, come on now.” She sounded a bit agitated, and then we were cut off. My 16-year-old daughter was sleeping in the next room and also heard the phone ring that night. I know it was my mother’s voice: she has an Norwegian accent. It was her. – Bonnie O.

Was It Brother?

About three nights ago, my husband got a phone call at 1:57 a.m. I remember it was a very stormy night. He answered and the phone was giving him little bleeps, but nobody would say anything. Then the phone went dead. I was asleep by the phone, but I never heard it ring, and I always hear the phone ring. Only he heard it. He called the number back on the caller ID, and it said, “This number is not in service.” The number is still on our caller ID.

The same night, at 4:00 a.m., his mother, who lives about an hour away, also got a phone call. Her son, who was asleep in the house, also never heard the phone ring. She heard the same bleeps and it was the same caller ID. She called it back and it was also a not-in-service number. About 5:00 a.m., his mother was lying in her bed and she saw a man standing at the foot of her bed looking at her. She said he was tall and thin, had dark eyes and dark clothes. He stared at her for a minute and then darted across the room and disappeared.

We are very freaked out about this and cannot figure out why this happened all in the same night, and nothing like this has happened before. Why did I not hear the phone ring and my husband did the phone is right by our bed? My husband lost his brother about six months ago – a tragic death. – Vicki H.

Intercepted Call

I just found out that one of my phone calls the other day was with a dead lady.I was at my mom’s house and I was calling a friend who lived near by. She was at her cousin’s house. So I looked up the number in the phone book. It was the only “Owens” in the phonebook, so I knew it was my friend’s cousin’s number. I called and it didn’t even ring, but an old lady answered. She said, “Hello.” I asked, “Is Amelia there?” (Amelia is my friend Jessica’s cousin.) The old lady said, “No, dear. Amelia isn’t here, sweetie. I should be expecting her any minute now.” So I thought nothing of it and hung up. I thought they left for a bit. I knew Amelia lived with her mom at her grandparents’ house. What I didn’t know is what I found out when I talked to Jessica. I told Jessica about it and she said, “Amelia’s grandma is dead. And we were there all day long. We were sitting right by the phone. It never rang all day.” – Crystal S.

Following are some remarkable instances of phantom phone calls, as told by the people who experienced them. In some cases, it’s the phantom who answers the phone. But in every case, the experience remains unexplained.

Something Strange, Indeed

This happened to my older brother, Matt, about a year ago, just a few weeks after my eldest brother Jeremy’s best friend, Joe, died of heart trouble. Matt received a telephone call from a person that sounded exactly like Joe. He said something like, “Matt, it’s Joe. Is Jeremy home? Something really strange is going on.” Matt freaked out and could hardly answer, “No, he’s not. Sorry.” Then the phone hung up and Matt looked at the caller I.D.; it read, “Out of area.” So Matt tried *69, but they were unable to trace the call. We never got another telephone call from Joe. It still scares Matt to think of it. – Janaye S.

Say Goodbye, Grandpa

My husband lost his grandfather a long time ago. But just recently he has been experiencing something really weird. He has seen his grandfather’s name on our caller ID. So we thought someone was calling from his grandfather’s house. That was the first time, and no one was even home. Just today, for the second time, he was at work and clearly, along with co-workers, heard the phone ring. He answered it on the first ring, but only heard a dial tone. When he looked at the phone’s directory, which has no caller ID, but lists who he has called, he saw the grandfather’s name again. What could this mean? How could it be happening? – Leroy L.

Money is Useless Here

One of my clients related this story to me a few years ago. At the time she worked for the Department of Social Services and one of the services she offered was checks for emergency expenses. She had issued a check for $100 to one of her clients for utilities and was about to close the file when her phone rang. On the line was the woman to whom the check was issued. The woman sounded vague and distracted, but clearly said, “I won’t be needing that $100 after all.” My client made a note of it and went on with her other work. That evening at home she was reading the newspaper when she saw the obituary of the woman she had talked with on the phone. She had died the previous day! – Mary B.

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    Creepy to hear so many real life incidents of people getting calls from loved ones after they departed !

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    Shortly after my mother died, I received a phone call in the middle of the night. I answered and heard my mother’s voice, very faint and far away, saying “I’m fine.”

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