Scary Runner’s Hawaii Video Fuels ‘Nightmarcher’ Speculation

In the midst of an arduous 100-mile ultramarathon race through the lush rainforest of Oahu, Hawaii, seasoned runner Kay Borleis found herself in a peculiar encounter with a mysterious figure. January 2019 marked the date when Borleis, a dedicated runner for most of her life, took on the challenging course that wound through the dense foliage of the Honolulu Mauka trails.

As the grueling race progressed, the rainforest’s unforgiving terrain proved to be a formidable opponent. Unfortunately, Borleis had to make the difficult decision to withdraw from the race due to a foot injury, occurring during the second lap of the 20-mile route. Despite the physical setbacks, her determination and love for running remained unshaken.

The enigma surrounding this remarkable story deepened upon Borleis’s return home. Cassie, her pacing partner, had captured numerous photographs during the race, intending to share the memories with friends and family. However, it wasn’t long before an observant viewer noticed an anomaly in one of the pictures.

To the surprise of both Borleis and Cassie, the camera had captured the presence of a mysterious figure emerging from the dense foliage beside the trail. What made this discovery particularly intriguing was that neither of them had noticed this enigmatic individual during the actual race. The revelation sparked speculation and curiosity, leaving them to ponder the existence of an unseen presence in the midst of their challenging journey through the Hawaiian rainforest.

In a subsequent blog post, she explained, “The reason why no one was on that part of the trail is because all runners had to adhere to a clockwise direction.” Elaborating further, she noted, “And tourists weren’t out that early. We didn’t see anyone for hours while running together. So, we were – and still are – positive there was no one there.”

Upon delving into the local lore, Borleis stumbled upon a fascinating legend that revolved around the presence of deceased Hawaiian warriors known as Nightmarchers, said to roam the very rainforest she had traversed during the race. According to the tales, these undead revenants are believed to be so terrifying that mortal eyes cannot even gaze upon them without dire consequences.

The discovery of this local myth prompted contemplation: could the mysterious figure captured in their photographs truly be one of these legendary Nightmarchers? The ambiguity of the situation leaves the interpretation open-ended, allowing individuals to ponder the possibility of encountering supernatural entities in the midst of the Hawaiian rainforest. The question lingers, inviting viewers to decide for themselves the nature of the enigmatic presence captured on camera.

Source: New York Post