‘Bigfoot’ sighting Video in Utah mountains

Local hunters in Provo, Utah, spotted a strange creature walking upright in the distance, prompting people to speculate that they had caught the elusive Bigfoot on camera. While the video doesn’t offer any conclusive proof, it has given believers more evidence that the mythical creature is, in fact, real.

Hunters in Provo, Utah claim to have spotted the sasquatch in the mountain range. The video, which does not offer any kind of definitive proof that it is “the missing link,” does show something walking around in the trees.

“Okay, seriously look how big it is,” a man’s voice on the video can be heard saying. “It’s just chilling.”

“This is the coolest thing ever!” a young child responded in kind.

“I don’t think it is a human, I think it’s a sasquatch,” the man added. “Because look, he’s on the mountain, way far back on the mountain. But look how huge he is!”

The sighting has not yet been reported in Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization database, which lists reported sightings of the mythical creature. The last reported sighting was in November 2018 in Arkansas.

As Utah is a long way from Arkansas, it’s possible Bigfoot took a flight north for some skiing. However, he probably would’ve been spotted at the airport by TSA, even if the government was partially shut down for some of December and most of January.

Bigfoot had a pretty busy 2018, with reported sightings in New York, New Jersey and a host of other states across the country. In December, a hunter thought he saw the creature and started firing at another man who was putting up targets for practice, causing a commotion.

In late 2017, Bigfoot was reportedly spotted in Northern California, where the little devil that he is, he tried to steal a pig from a farmer near Avocado Lake. But he must’ve left his running shoes home that day, as Jeffrey Gonzalez, a self-described paranormal expert, noted that Bigfoot tripped over an irrigation pipe, which sent the pig flying.

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