‘Jellyfish’ UFO filmed over Brazil

A new video posted on YouTube showed a strange-looking UFO flying in the sky in Brazil. According to a UFO expert, the mysterious object was a rare type of alien vessel that’s shaped like a jellyfish. The footage of the UFO sighting was posted on YouTube by the channel Focus dos Fluxos na Cidade. According to the clip’s description, the incident happened on Feb. 16 at around 8:45 am in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The video, which is less than two minutes long, featured a white object flying in the sky near thin clouds. Close-up shots of the object revealed that it has a dome-shaped body with tail-like features hanging from its sides.

It is not clear in the video if the object was moving upwards or if it was in a stationary position in the sky. Another strange aspect of the object was its tails. Although the tail-like features appeared thin and flimsy, none of them moved even though the object was suspended in the air.

“A jellyfish-shaped craft was recorded in the sky over Brazil last week,” he stated in a blog post. “The object has a half-dome white body and long thick tentacles similar to a jellyfish. This has to be the best close up of a jellyfish UFO I have ever seen.”

“In the video we see the tentacles, yet they don’t move,” he stated. “Had this been a balloon, the tentacles would be plastic and blowing to the opposite direction the wind is, however, the long objects just hang there. That means not a balloon. This is the best recording of a jellyfish UFO in existence. This is incredible proof that not only are we being visited by aliens, but the tech they use mimics living creatures.”

Source: IB TIMES

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