Mysterious alien creature spotted in Canadian woods

Alien enthusiasts are all in a state of frenzy as an eerie video has been release of alien creature which shows a strange creature walking in the Canadian woods. The YouTube channel reveals that the spooky clip was shot on July 29, 2018, by a local resident.

“I was filming a moose on a roadside in Gaspesia, Qc, Canada. Looking at the video I saw this strange shape at the back left. Can someone tell me what it is?” said the eyewitness who captured the video, Mavi777 wrote in the video description.

At the first glance, the strange creature spotted in the video seems very similar to the alien beings we have seen in movies like ‘Mars attack’. The alleged alien tried to hide in the woods after noticing that a camera spotlight is on it. There was also a moose standing nearby, and the alien being seems to be trying to attack it, once it gets a chance.

The video soon went viral on online and viewers started putting forward various theories explaining the eerie sighting. Most of the viewers argued that the object spotted in the video might be reptilian aliens who are indirectly controlling the world with the help of elites. These theorists claim that many of the elite personalities in the world are actually shape-shifting reptilian aliens, and they are now slowly gearing up for a disclosure.

“It looked like that thing wanted to attack the moose but didn’t want to be seen. It looked as if it was getting impatient because the guy was sitting there and the moose wouldn’t walk back to the woods. Someone needs to put it through a video editor and see if they can improve the visuals around that thing,” commented Sketcher, a YouTube user.

“It’s a monster, and it wants to eat the moose.. Run moose,” commented Stephen Dzienis, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics argue that the object in the video is made with the help of CGI.

Source: IB Times

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  • August 16, 2018 at 5:46 am

    It’s clearly a mark on the windshield. It moves in sync with the car relative to the camera and no “appendage” of the creature moves relative to the “body”. It’s entirely stiff. Note even its “legs” are moving.

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