New Documentary on Alleged UFO Technician Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar has seen some shit during his time on Earth—or at least he says he has.

As a teenager he built jet engines and attached them to his bicycle. As Lazar got older, his jet engines grew larger and were attached to his cars. One time he built a particle accelerator in his bedroom so he could produce chemicals for his homemade hydrogen-powered corvette. He claims to have studied physics at MIT and worked at the Meson facility at Los Alamos National Laboratories. He was arrested for abetting a prostitution ring (the charge was later reduced to felony pandering) and says he has been raided by the FBI twice. He claims to have been shot at and old videos show him shooting in the desert with his friend’s Uzi. For years, he hosted an underground DIY fireworks festival.

Oh yeah, he also claims to have worked on reverse engineering alien spacecraft at S-4, a military facility near Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

Some of the details of Lazar’s life are true and easily verifiable, while others strain credulity. MIT, for instance, has no records of Lazar ever being there, and Los Alamos has denied that he was employed there (although journalist George Knapp apparently found a Robert Lazar listed in an internal phone book for Los Alamos).

Does that mean that Lazar actually worked on bonafide flying saucers? No, but this is Lazar’s story and he’s sticking to it.

That is the takeaway from filmmaker Jeremy Corbell’s new documentary, Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers, which is released worldwide today. Corbell’s previous documentaries profiled a surgeon who removes extraterrestrial implants and investigated Robert Bigelow’s Skinwalker ranch, which is an alleged hotbed of UFO activity, so he is in many ways the perfect person to tackle a profile of Lazar’s truly out-of-this-world life.

Bob Lazar

Indeed, the very fact that this film exists is a testament to Corbell’s ability to handle fringe subject matter. Ever since Lazar first came forward with a story about his time at S-4 working on extraterrestrial spacecraft in 1989, he has grown more and more reluctant to speak about what he says he saw at Area 51. Corbell’s new film is the first major interview Lazar has given about his beliefs regarding extraterrestrial technology on Earth in nearly 30 years.

In May of 1989, Lazar conducted an anonymous interview as “Dennis” with the Las Vegas-based reporter George Knapp. In the interview, which is included in Corbell’s film along with a lot of other archival footage from Lazar’s time in the international spotlight, Lazar describes working on the propulsion systems for “nine flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin” in possession of the US military.

At the time, Lazar claimed that the reason he came forward with information about extraterrestrial technology in possession of the government was because he believed it to be a “crime against the American people and scientific community” to keep such information a secret.

Shortly after Lazar’s first interview, he broke anonymity and did several other interviews about his time at Area 51 under his own name. These were broadcast around the globe and turned the top secret military base into a pilgrimage destination for UFO believers. As Knapp says in the film, “Bob really put Area 51 on the map.”

When Corbell met with Lazar in California, he made the case that he has no ulterior motives to lie about what he was working on in the mid-80s. If anything, Lazar said, his decision to come forward with this information changed his life for the worse.

Today, Lazar runs United Nuclear, a scientific supply company in Michigan, which he claims in the film was recently raided by the FBI under the pretense of trying to track the source of some toxic materials. The police response for a relatively routine investigation was huge, Lazar claims. The entire office was filled with dozens of authorities from every conceivable branch of law enforcement, he says. The implication, Corbell’s film hints, is that the government was trying to spook Lazar back into silence.

Source: Motherboard

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